Corporate - Meeting Room
Our Work Speaks For Itself
The Honest Company, Playa Vista, California

Simple, Inviting,
Open Spaces

The Honest Company, Playa Vista, California

Creating Comfortable Office Spaces.

Corporate - Meeting Room

Building rooms that boost team morale.

Corporate - Cafeteria

Creating Vibrant
Gathering Places

Are you a…

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Creating Comfortable Office Spaces

Creating a truly beautiful space requires exacting attention to every detail from the broad design down each individual nail. Our motto captures this commitment to detail – “Everything Matters, All The Time”.

With over a century of combined experience, our management team, veteran carpenters, and other professionals will bring your vision to life.

Simple, Inviting, Open Spaces.

Melding classic and modern styles requires a skilled designer with an eye for balance, it also requires skilled tradespeople to execute precisely on the design.

JMG Builders logo

Creating Vibrant Gathering Places

Ensuring quality is always our number one priority. Guaranteeing precision to detail, and delivering a superior building experience. Our aim is to guide our clients through the design and building process with honest feedback, professional guidance, and transparency.

Chef’s Kitchens, Properly Equipped.

From contemporary to classical our team is equipped to help design and create the kitchen of your dreams. If you can dream it we can make it a reality!

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