6 Kitchen Cabinetry Trends

Kitchen cabinetry is one of the most eye catching elements of a kitchen. Taking the time to choose a cabinet that will look stylish for years to come is well worth it.

What’s Hot & What’s Not?

When you search kitchen remodeling online, you’ll realize there are no clear rules for choosing materials and finishes. The process can be confusing. To help you consider cabinetry styles for your kitchen remodel, we’ve compiled a list of kitchen cabinetry trends and tips!

Shaker panels

Shaker style cabinets?

White Kitchen

All-white kitchens?

Wooden open shelves

Open shelving?

Flat panel cabinets

1. Clean Aesthetics

Less is more. From cabinets to light fixtures, many people think staying minimal is the way to go. As far as minimalists are concerned, shaker-style cabinets are so 90’s, and handles are clutter. To achieve this modern style, go with flat-panel or slab cabinet doors.

  • Panel Style: choose Slap over Shaker for minimalistic styles

Cabinet Styles

Cabinet panel stylesShaker panel

The Shaker panel is a five piece door with a recessed center panel. This style works well for traditional and certain modern styles. It doesn’t work well for most minimalistic styles.

Slab panel

The Slab panel is a plain door with no frames, grooves or detailing. This panel style is very popular, and is great for homeowners who like a clean, minimal appearance.

Raised panel

The Raised panel is an ornate door with raised center panel, with simple or stepped frames. This style of cabinets is sometimes paired with decorative molding. They are great in traditional kitchens or kitchens with a mediterranean flair.

2. Black Cabinetry

Some designers are ditching the clean white palette for cabinets in bold and deep hues– including black, navy blue, dark green, and stained chestnut colors. If this is too much for you, you can split the difference and opt for tones of gray.

  • Color: Choose black over white for a bolder style.

3. Neutral walls

If you opt for darker cabinetry, you’ll want to balance your walls with bright whites and neutral, warm tones.

  • Walls: Choose bright, neutral tones.

4. Open Shelving

Open shelving allows you to display your beautiful set of glassware and gives the illusion of additional space. Wood shelves were the standard, but we’re also seeing metal shelving which can look nice with darker cabinets. 

  • Shelves: Open shelves are here to stay.

5. No Upper Cabinets

If you want to go even more minimal, go with no upper cabinets at all! Some combination of open shelving and hanging pots can look great, as in the photo below.

  • No Upper Cabinets: Trendy.
Open Shelves
Brass Appliances

6. Brass & Gold Accents

Brass & gold accents are becoming popular again, especially as accents to lightly colored cabinets in bright kitchens that have lots of green leafy plants.

  • Accents: Brass and gold accents are still welcomed!

Choosing kitchen cabinetry for remodeling

Those are 6 of the trends we’re seeing, but there’s much more to selecting the right cabinets than recognizing trends. Get in touch with our remodelling experts to discuss your cabinetry options!

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