Bathroom Renovation Guide – Part 1

If you search for bathroom layouts, you’ll realize there are hundreds of layouts to choose from. The choices can be overwhelming, that’s why in this article we’re starting from the basics. We’ll go over how much space you need for your toilet and vanities, and how we can make your bathroom stand out!

Bathroom Size & Clearance Guidelines

When most people dream up their ideal bathroom they focus on the fun stuff: colors, materials, textures, heated floors, etc. While thinking through the fun stuff, it’s important to keep one eye on the boring stuff like size requirements and clearance guidelines. This keeps your bathroom functional, comfortable, and safe. Of course, if you’re working with a professional builder like JMG Builders you can leave that to us.

Bathroom Sinks

How much space do you need for the toilet?

In general, toilet bowls are about 15” high with varying seat heights. The tanks reach between 30” and 39” high, and between 15” and 21” wide. Short models of toilets have depths of 26”, while longer models are 30”. You’ll want to give a minimum of 30” for the width of the toilet, and 30” of clear floor space in front.

When doing a remodel, most people choose to keep the toilet in the same location to save needing to reposition the plumbing, so as long as the spacing worked well originally it should continue to. You’ll want to consider the difference a substantially differently sized toiled will make to the spacing if you go that route.

Toilet size & clearance guideline

Pedestal Lavatory Basin or Vanity?

If you have a small bathroom, the pedestal lavatory basin is the best choice. It saves space, being about 24” wide, 33” high, and 22” deep. Pedestal lavatory basins can also open up space. The downside is the lack of storage and counter space.

If you have space, then a vanity cabinet and basin is preferable. Vanities come most commonly between 18” and 72” wide. To fit a standard basin, you’ll need one that is at least 21” in depth.

Just like we need 30” of floor space in front of a toilet, you’ll want 30” of clear floor space in front of your vanity.

Basin size & clearance guideline

Vintage bath tub

How big of a bathtub can you fit your bathroom?

Bathtub sizes vary a lot. They can be as small as 30” by 60”, and as large as 42” by 72”, but a minimum of 30” by 42” is the size you’ll enjoy. For a recessed tub, get one no higher than 22”.

Clearance & Comfort

For minimum comfort, remember to plan a clear floor space of 36” between your bathroom toilet, lavatory basin and bathtub. Wheelchair accessible bathrooms need 60” of floor space. In addition to this, the doorway should have a clear opening of 36”.

Bathroom improvements

Ideas for Upgrading Your Bathroom

  1. Boost storage by adding open shelves above your toilet.
  2. Update your vanity to a white, ebony or gray color. They go with all bathroom styles and are timeless.
  3. Get elegant new fixtures. They add style to your bathroom, and make your bathroom brighter.
  4. Install dimmer switches, so you can adjust the lighting to whatever you want.
  5. Add heating system under your floor. No more cold feet in the morning!
  6. Come out of your bath to a nice toasty warm towel. Install a towel warmer next to your tub.
  7. Upgrade your standard tub to a stand-alone whirlpool.
  8. If your bathroom is large enough, get a glass-enclosed shower and add body sprays.

Ready to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary?

After a long day, nothing feels better than a nice warm bath. Hopefully, these ideas and size requirements give you an idea of what you can do with your bathroom. If you need help with your renovation, get in touch with our remodelling experts!

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