Choosing Your Kitchen Faucet

Choosing your kitchen faucet can’t be hard, can it? With the numerous styles, materials, and finishes though, you might find it a little overwhelming. This article will help you select the faucet that you’ll love.

What goes in your sink

We spend, on average, five times more time in the kitchen than we do in the living room. It’s important to get the little details right. When you consider your sink, think about what you interact with it every day: spouts, handles, and sprayers.

kitchen faucet spout


kitchen faucet with one handle


kitchen faucet with pull out sprayer


Getting A Spout with the Right Height

Low Arcs

If you have low windows or cabinets, you don’t want to get a high spout that will obstruct your view or reach. You’ll want something more streamlined with a low arc, approximately 3 to 8 inches above the sink plate.

High Arcs

High arcs are great for those of you who love to cook using large pots. This makes filling your pot easier, and gives you more space to work over the sink. You’ll want to look at spouts with arcs that are 8 to 10 inches high.

Choosing your handle

How you use your faucet on a daily basis will tell you whether a one-handle, two-handle or hands-free option is most suitable for you.

one handle kitchen faucet

One Handle Faucets

  • Trendy, convenient and easy to clean
  • Single handle that controls both hot and cold water
  • Handle is located on or close to the faucet

two handle kitchen faucet

Two Handle Faucets

  • Less convenient but gives you that traditional stylish, symmetric look
  • Separate handles allows you to control water flow and temperatures

hands free kitchen faucet

Hands-free Faucets

  • Motion detection hands-free option that turns your tap on and off with a hand wave
  • Single handle that controls both hot and cold water
  • Convenient and keeps your faucet spotless when you have greasy hands

Types of Sprayers

Sprayers are extremely useful when it comes to rinsing down your sinks, cleaning fresh vegetables and filling up large pots. There are three main types of sprayers you’ll want to look at: side spray, pull-out, and pull-down.

Side spray

Side sprayers are an additional piece to your faucet that you can pull out to clean extended areas.


Pull-out sprays, like pull-down sprays, are an extension of your faucet. They are designed into the arc of your faucet, saving you space.


Pull-down sprays are an extension of your faucet that gives you more mobility.

Number of the holes in your sink

Make sure you count the number of holes in your sink before selecting your faucet.

one hole sink

One Hole

  • Good for: a single handle faucet with pull-out or pull-down sprayer.

two hole sink

Two holes

  • Good for: a single-handle faucet and an accessory such as side spray or soap dispenser. Alternatively, the second hole can be used for a separate handle.

three hole sink

Three holes

  • Good for: a traditional two-handle faucet.

four hole sink

Four holes

  • Good for: a two-handle faucet and an accessory such as side spray or soap dispenser.
Kitchen Faucet finishes


One of the most important decisions is to choose a finish that matches your kitchen cabinets. Most faucets come in polished chrome, satin nickel or bronze finishes.

Polished chrome is most durable and easy to maintain. That’s why they are the most common choice in public bathrooms and commercial kitchens.

Nickel and bronze finishes are gaining popularity for their stylish dull shine and brownish tones. They are durable but, both tend to chip more easily than polished chrome.

The perfect kitchen faucet

Now that you have considered the everyday use of your kitchen faucet, you can choose the perfect faucet for your home. Start enjoying your hands-free pull down faucet or your classy double handle brass faucet soon.

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