Top 6 Kitchen Layouts for Your Renovation

Need kitchen layout ideas for your renovation? With a clean slate, you can finally select a kitchen layout that gives you the work flow that makes you happy. Here are the top 6 layouts you can consider for your renovation project.

What you need to know: The Kitchen Triangle

When thinking of kitchen layout, it’s important to consider the kitchen triangle– the area formed by the 1) sink, 2) stove, and 3) refrigerator. It’s the area that gets the most traffic, so you’ll want to make sure you have unobstructed access in this area.

Your kitchen triangle should be spacious enough so it’s not crowded, but not so far apart that it makes moving around your kitchen tiring. Designers have a rule of thumb that the total distance between all three locations should be no less than 10ft and no greater than 25ft. This applies to all kitchen sizes and layouts.

Kitchen triangle– the area formed by the sink, stove, and refrigerator
U shape layout

1. U-Shape Kitchen

The U-shape kitchen, also referred to as the Horseshoe layout, has 3 walls. If you have a large kitchen and need a lot of storage and counter space, this is the layout you want.

You can separate cooking and preparation areas, allowing for multiple cooks in the kitchen. It’s the perfect kitchen for those who love to cook and who value time making meals or baking together with family.

More recent variation of the U-shape kitchen replaces the third wall with an island, giving more traffic to flow around the island.

  • Layout for: large kitchens. Great for those who need lots of storage and counter space, and multiple cooks.

2. L-Shape Kitchen

The L-shape kitchen has 2 walls, and makes great use of corner space. This design is great for small and medium-sized kitchens. A kitchen with an L-shape design opens up space and reduces traffic. You can easily add a dining space or an island in this kitchen layout.

  • Layout for: small to medium kitchens. Great for those who have limited space and want versatility.
L shape layout
Layout with Island

3. Island Kitchen

Island kitchens are incredibly functional and have become very popular because of the many build options available. The kitchen island may include appliances and cabinetry. It can be another working surface or serve as a breakfast table. Islands work in one-wall, galley, and L-shape and U-shape kitchens. In large kitchens, an island can serve as the focal point of the room.

  • Layout for: medium and large kitchens. Great for those who want to use kitchens as social places.

4. Peninsula Kitchen

The peninsula kitchen connects an island (with no wall) to an L-shape kitchen. It is great if you want an island but cannot afford the space to build it in the middle of the room. With this design you have as much counter space as that of a U-shape kitchen to work on.

  • Layout for: small and medium kitchens. Ideal for those who want an island but don’t have enough space.
Peninsula layout
Kitchen galley
Galley layout

5. Galley Kitchen

With the galley kitchen you have two opposing walls with parallel countertops to work on. This layout makes good use of space, and is great for small spaces as its nautical name suggests. There is usually minimal room to move so it’s great for one-cook kitchens.

  • Layout for: small kitchens. Great for single cooks who wants everything within reach.
One Wall Layout

6. One-Wall Kitchen

The one-wall kitchen is the ultimate space saver. Often found in studios and lofts, you’ll find all cabinets and appliances on one single wall of this kitchen. In modern designs, the one wall maybe seen combined with an island, making it feel similar to a galley kitchen but with more open space.

  • Layout for: small kitchens. Great in studios and lofts, and those who don’t have much space.

Which kitchen layout is best for you?

The examples above give you an idea of the different layouts you can opt for. If you need help with your renovation, get in touch with our remodelling experts!

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