Top 5 backsplash ideas for your kitchen

Can’t decide what type of backsplash you want for your kitchen? Check out the top 5 backsplash ideas that we have compiled for you.

1. Ceramic / Porcelain / Glass Tiles

Because of their versatility, ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles are the most common backsplash choice. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. While ceramic is generally the most affordable, porcelain is more dense and strong. All three are resistant to heat and moisture and clean very easy with their smooth surfaces.

Kitchen Tile Patterns

With tiles, you can choose from a multitude of patterns. Here are some examples of the different patterns you can choose from using subway tiles.

Subway Tile Patterns

2. Glass Panels

Glass panels work well as backsplashes and accent walls. They can be coated in any color on the side that touches the wall. Glass panels don’t have grout lines, so they give a smooth continuous surface that makes it both modern looking and easy to clean.

3. Natural stone slabs

Give your kitchen an elevated look by using natural stone slabs as your backsplash. Stone slabs offer unique patterns and veins. With matching stone slab countertops, your kitchen will have a dramatic look. Like glass panels, the lack of grout lines make maintenance easier.

4. Exposed Bricks

Exposed brick backsplashes gives your kitchen a rustic feel and a lot of character. Make sure you have them carefully cleaned and sealed for durability.

5. Wood & Plywood

A wood or plywood backsplash can really add to your kitchen. They will need special sealant or treatment to protect them from water and other liquids. For areas that are prone to splashing, you may want to consider using a different material.

Tip: Make your kitchen tiles the focal point by installing it to the ceiling

If you want to feature your tiles, have them installed all the way to the ceiling. This helps draw your eyes to them and gives it a dramatic effect.

Find a professional to install your kitchen backsplash

Now that you have reviewed the top kitchen backsplashes, make sure you find a professional contractor to install them properly for you.

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